Ved Vigyan Alok (All 4 Set)

Ved Vigyan Alok (All 4 Set)

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Ved Vigyan Alok- Scientific Interpretation on Aitarey Brahman (All 4 Set)


  • Hardback

  • Art Paper

  • Multi Colour Printing

  • 2800 Pages of > A4 Size

  • Hundreds of Diagrams 

  • Reference of hundreds Vedic and Modern Physics texts

  • Inaugurated by Vice President of India

  • This Grantha have reached in more than 14 Countries till now


Book Description

Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik (Author) 


This book is a scientific interpretation of Aitarey brahman (Brahman Granth of Rigveda–World’s oldest book ~ 7000 years) written by Mahrishi Aitarey Mahidas. Apart from that, the knowledge, given by all four Vedas and Rishis, from Maharishi Brahma to Maharishi Dayanand and Mahadev Shiva etc. has been used in this Granth. Theory (Vaidic Rashmi Theory) given in this book, completely explains the formation process of so-called fundamental particles from more fundamental things and solve many unsolved mysteries of modern physics.



Book Specifications

  • ISBN-10                            139780241460528                                                                             

  • Binding                             Hard Bound                                                                                   

  • Reached Till Now         14 + Countries                                                                            

  • Total Pages                     2800

  • Language                        Hindi                                                                           

  • ISBN-13                            978-9352913336                                                                                     

  • Publishing Date             01 January 2018                                                                               

  • Publisher                          Shri Vaidic Swasti Pantha Nyas         

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