बोलो किधर जाओगे ? 

by Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik (Author)


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Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik (Author) 

This book is a scientific interpretation of Aitarey brahman (Brahman Granth of Rigveda–World’s oldest book ~ 7000 years) written by Mahrishi Aitarey Mahidas. Apart from that, the knowledge, given by all four Vedas and Rishis, from Maharishi Brahma to Maharishi Dayanand and Mahadev Shiva etc. has been used in this Granth. Theory (Vaidic Rashmi Theory) given in this book, completely explains the formation process of so-called fundamental particles from more fundamental things and solve many unsolved mysteries of modern physics...

Book Specifications

  • ISBN-10                            139780241460528                                                                             

  • Binding                             Hard Bound                                                                                   

  • Reached Till Now            14 + Countries                                                                            

  • Total Pages                     2800

  • Language                         Hindi                                                                           

  • ISBN-13                            978-9352913336                                                                                     

  • Publishing Date               01 January 2018                                                                               

  • Publisher                          Shri Vaidic Swasti Pantha Nyas         


Deep Dhar

Now I got the all answers

Price is reasonable. The books are so heavy and color printed. Writing is in Hindi and feel pretty to read this. If anybody really need to learn Quantum Mechanics-Cosmology exact, accurate & as it is, they really have to need this. I had had the conflict with modern physics when I was the student. I definitely can say that the modern physics never give you all the answers because it is made by the 'Ego' of western civilians.


Eye opener & logical content.

Such an eye opener & logical content. It will probably take one more decade for us to understand the significance of research of the author. Even if 20- 25% of this is taught to students (in relation with present syllabus), it will work wonders. BEYOND WORDS.

Suvendu Mishra

This book is a boon for Research scholars

This book decodes the Brahman granths of the Holy vedas and compares it with modern scientific theories. It clearly proves the authority of Soul(Atma), fundamental matter(mul prakruti) ,and the supreme being(parmatma) and proves them all as eternal. A must read for every Research scholar.

Amazon Customer

Awesome book ever I read

This is book is very good and simple to read for any background, very interesting explanation of various vaidic and modern science theories. I am enjoying by reading this book. I am highly recommending this book.

Vineet P.

It's a boon to modern science and education

This book is a complete package for engineers, scientists and researchers as well as for students of 12th or above with science background. So many theories are clearly and we'll mentioned in this book about which modern science knows nothing. Hoping for English translation of this book very soon

Naagendra Singh

Must have book for seekers

This is a boon for sceince students as well as Ved lovers.


This book is INCREDIBLE.

Vaidic Rashmi Theory completely explains the formation process of so-called fundamental particles. And this theory explain initial stage of this universe.

Balvir Varlekar

Best science book read ever

This book is a magic. And price is nothing against it's content. A real recommendation for all who has interest in science.

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